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130 + vlog titles yearly, 3 weekly “shows”  + specials…

130 + VLOGS IN 365 DAYS

Thru vlog creation in 2018 there is a clear pattern that Jan just has a passion for more than one type of content. So the vlog “program” for 2019 is shaped around his interests in the past and will coexist with his work as executive editor of City Magazine. The production team plans approximately 150 vlogs in 3 content topic pillars for 2019. Approx. 3 vlogs weekly.

The episodes will be divided into different “shows” appearing at a certain day of the week. Jan will publish “vlogs” on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, … and eventually Mondays or Fridays - for the 4th weekly vlog. A certain day will be reserved for a specific “content” pillar or specials. The pre-production team already started to form content strategy by defining all 130+ vlog titles for the year 2019.


Jan on Wheels
36 vlogs

Jan is passionate about cars. This is his childhood passion. He has a bucket list of cars he would like to own once in a lifetime. He is introducing to the Slovenian market buying and owning car experiences (car vloggers classic).


Jan in the City 
36 vlogs

Jan loves to get as much pleasure out of life as possible. He is a typical urban nomad a hedonist, discovering news cool places in his home city, services that excite him, food places he loves, things he loves to do in his free time. He will also do several cool cityscapes and trips to several destinations. Some also quite exotic!


Jan on Tech
36 vlogs

New technology was always a part of Jan’s life. This year Jan decides to tackle some technological myths in a series of videos about technologies. Not directly connected always just to one product. He still goes to international presentations and does the phone reviews. But he is mainly focusing on everyday users questions about technology. What to watch when buying a new TV, Can your phone be your wallet, ectr…


Jan’s has a tiny production team. Most of the filming and editing is done by himself. For business inquiries, he has an office support so please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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