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Chiefs Apprentice by MasterCard

Influencer and a vlogger Jan Macarol sets of on a six-month voyage to master basic culinary skills and convince chef Uroš Štefelin to let him in his kitchen. Chef tests his „apprentice“ with 7 priceless challenges and sends him on a quest for culinary knowledge. Altogether 14 vlogs.

hef‘s video challenges had varied from culinary, lifestyle to philosophy and practice, and had allowed the „apprentice“ to be innovative in interpreting and meeting them head-on. Influencer‘s skill progress had progressed shared in online vlogs, printed articles and with photo/video content on social media.

To fulfill each task the influencer had a Mastercard card at his disposal. For the purpose of cross-promotion, some challenges will leverage the existing Mastercard merchants (Hervis, Big Bang, Cineplexx, Tuš, OMV, Sonček).



Jan on Wheels
36 vlogs

The show was co-produced and project lead by the advertising agency Mayer McCann. Together with Jan, they built a strategy for a custom vlog »show«.

Culinary is a universal passion category which evokes the most basic pleasures and is relatable to each and every cardholder.

A premium culinary co-branding creates the opportunity for a long-term activation and relevant content creation. An innovative story format allows generating interesting, entertaining and engaging content through the year.

This communication concept enables Mastercard to leverage its existing local assets, subtly incorporating them in the culinary content, and secure a beneficial cross-promotion.